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The only site on the Web dedicated exclusively to the fine watches made by Touchon & Co


The only site on the Web dedicated exclusively to the fine watches made by Touchon & Co

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Please note that I now spend most of my time with my gundogs and maintain the Touchon & Co site infrequently and as an information resource on a not for profit basis. Donations to enable me to continue running and maintaining this site will be appreciated and can be made here




Website designed and built by Paul WILSON







If anybody contacts you offering to sell you a Touchon & Co watch or offer a service connected with this site and requests your credit card information... do NOT send it ..... it won't be from me as I have no facility to process card payments other than via Paypal which does not require me to know your card details.




Q 1 ...... Who am I ?


A....... I am Paul Wilson and I live in Uckfield, East Sussex in the UK.


Q 2 ....... What am I ?


A....... A collector of watches and Touchon & Co specialist.


Q 3 ....... Am I a professional dealer ?


A....... No I am not.   


Q 4 ....... How long have you been collecting watches?


A....... Over 30 years.


Q 5 ....... I see you offer a repair and appraisal service for Touchon & Co watches. Do you do the same for other brands ?


A....... No, Touchons only.


Q 6 .......Do you sell watches ?


A....... No, or at least not very often.


Q 7 ...... Does your repair and appraisal service go as far as full restoration including dials etc ?


A........ Not really, restoration is an emotive subject in the world of Antique and Vintage watches and I am reluctant to refinish dials, polish out initials or inscriptions etc unless there is a very good reason. BUT.......If you have good reasons and are able to convince me that you are genuine, then I suppose it would be better for you to entrust it to a brand specialist i.e. Me, rather than to someone for whom it is just another job.


Q 8 ...... Why don't you put your phone number on the site ?


A........ There are several links on this site for you to click on and E mail me if you need to get in touch. I don't publicise my phone number because Touchon collectors live in all parts of the World and it isn't very amusing to get woken up in the middle of the night by someone calling from a different timezone, however interesting their watch is !!!!.  If you want to send items to me for appraisal etc, please e mail me first ......... that way I know what to expect through the mail instead of an item arriving out of the blue with no contact details etc as has happened in the past.


Q 9 ........ Are you interested in buying my Touchon & Co watch, movement or anything else Touchon related ?


A........ Absolutely. I will consider buying anything at all Touchon & Co related, so E mail me details.


Q 10 ....... I disagree with something on your site or have additional information, what do I do ?


A........ E mail me and if it is suitable and you give your consent, I will publish submitted material with your details in the credits.


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