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The only site on the Web dedicated exclusively to the fine watches made by Touchon & Co


The only site on the Web dedicated exclusively to the fine watches made by Touchon & Co

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Website designed and built by Paul WILSON

Fakes and Forgeries

It is sadly the case that as Touchon & Co watches gain in popularity and their prices increase, an increasing number of fakes and forgeries are appearing on the market.


Original and triple signed Touchon & Co watches, that is, signed by them and no-one else used to be extremely rare. In recent times, an increasing number of 'Triple Signed' watches have appeared on the market sporting signatures and stampings where there previously were none...... i.e. they are forgeries...... I know this for a fact because some watches I have actually sold in the past have miraculously become signed on previously blank dials and cases once they have passed into the hands of others.


I am frequently asked to publish pictures of Touchon & Co watches on this site and often refuse on the grounds that the watch in question is blatantly forged, faked or in some way modified to make it appear to be something it isn't. Additionally, I receive requests to refinish dials where the signature has 'rubbed off ' or where pocket watch movements have been recased into wristwatches. I do not do this and never will. Unfortunately, some people lack honesty and assist these and other dubious practices. Do bear in mind though that the least durable aspect of Touchon & Co watches were their dials, particularly the silvered and gilt examples, so they will often have been refinished at some point.


I won't go into detail here of how to spot the difference between genuine signatures and forgeries, as there are many pictures on the site of what the signatures should look like. I will however happily examine pictures you send to me to determine if a watch is genuine or not.


I consider the dimensions, proportions and style of every letter of every signature and can spot a fake very easily, so if you are in any doubt about a particular watch, send me clear pictures of all of the signatures and I will tell you if they are genuine or 'later applied'.


Just because the numbers of a case match those on the movement doesn't mean they have always been together....... general rule of 'thumb' .....If it looks cheap, it isn't Touchon & Co work !!


Remember, they are usually only signed on the movement ( not always ) and / or the case ( not always ) , less commonly on the dial ........ and hardly ever on all three. Almost always under the dial too.


SoE mail pictures to me for a definitive answer.   


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